Egencia Data Protection Policy

We understand that making purchases online involves a great deal of trust on your part; we take this trust very seriously, and make it our highest priority to ensure the security and confidentiality of the personal data you provide us. (‘Personal Data’ includes information that is or can be linked to a specific individual, such as your name, address, email address, age, credit/debit/charge card details, travel itineraries and schedules, seating and meal preferences, and passport/visa details.) As a participant in our Corporate Travel Programme, you have the right to review our data protection policy (“Policy”) prior to providing EGENCIA with any of your Personal Data. The description below of our Corporate Travel Programme is designated to facilitate your understanding of this Policy and our practises.

Corporate Travel Programme


To manage its business travel needs, your company has enrolled in the EGENCIA Programme. Under this programme, your company may designate a travel manager (“Travel Manager”) to manage and administer the travel needs of your company’s servants and employees. Your company and/or Travel Manager may also appoint one or more travel arrangers (“Arranger” or “Travel Director”) to purchase and manage the travel of individual servants/employees (referred to below as “Travellers”).

A Travel Director may generally access and book travel for all Travellers for your Company under the Corporate Travel Programme, while “Arrangers” may generally access and book travel for only those Travellers assigned to the Arranger by a Travel Manager.


Travellers may either purchase and manage their own travel or rely on their Travel Manager or Arranger or Travel Director to do so on their behalf.

This data protection Policy applies regardless of whether the travel you purchase is business or personal.

Unless we say otherwise, when we refer to “You” in this Policy, we are referring to you as a Traveller, whether you are acting on behalf of yourself or through a Travel Manager, Arranger or Travel Director.

Travel Managers, Arrangers and Travel Directors

While this Policy is primarily directed at Travellers, it also applies to Travel Managers, Arrangers and Travel Directors. As a general matter, any Personal Data that a Travel Manager, Arranger or Travel Director provides to us about himself or herself in connection with our Corporate Travel Programme is protected as set forth in this Policy.

Furthermore, in purchasing and managing travel on behalf of any Traveller, Travel Managers, Arrangers and Travel Directors are responsible for obtaining the Traveller’s consent before acting on the Traveller’s behalf and for ensuring that the Traveller receives and agrees to the terms of this Policy.

Each Travel Manager, Arranger or Travel Director also agrees to review and comply with the terms of this Policy when providing or handling any Personal Data of any Traveller.

Scope of Policy

This Policy sets forth the information collection and use practices of EGENCIA in relation to local activities. The policies or practises of your company or organisation may differ, and we are not responsible for any unauthorised use or disclosure of your Personal Data by anyone at your company or any act or omission of your company, Travel Manager, Arranger or Travel Director. This Policy is subject to law.

What information do we collect from you?

EGENCIA collects and processes Personal Data about you that you specifically and voluntarily provide (such as your name, contact details and address).

Your Travel Manager, Arranger or Travel Director may provide us with additional Personal Data about you as an employee (such as employer ID number) enabling us to provide our services to you. You are required to register as a member of EGENCIA in order to use selected travel planning tools, and Personal Data is obtained in order to process and fulfil your travel requests.

On all EGENCIA pages where Personal Data is collected, we specifically describe what information is required in order to provide you with the product or service requested by you (or on your behalf by your Travel Manager, Arranger or Travel Director).

Where is information about you held?

At present, EGENCIA stores and maintains Personal Data about Travellers, client contacts and members in a secure environment in the USA. Consequently, to provide its services EGENCIA has to transfer your Personal Data from Denmark to the USA. The transfers of Personal Data that we make to the USA will be conducted in accordance with data protection law and we will endeavour to protect all Personal Data we transfer in accordance with strict data protection standards.

IMPORTANT: By registering as a Traveller or becoming an EGENCIA member you acknowledge this transfer of your Personal Data to the USA. If you are Travel Manager, Arranger or Travel Director, you confirm that you agree to your own information being transferred in this way and that you have received the necessary consents from any other individual Traveller whose Personal Data you have provided to us.

When and where do we collect information about you?

Specific instances where EGENCIA collects Personal Data are if and when you/your Travel Manager, Arranger or Travel Director on your behalf:

· Complete(s) the Egencia Programme Application
· Become(s) an Egencia member
· Complete(s) a traveller profile
· Purchase(s) travel
· Participate(s) in a survey
· Contact(s) or communicate(s) with Egencia

Member Information

EGENCIA collects your Member ID, password, and email address when you register to become a member of our website.

Traveller Profile Information

EGENCIA collects the full name and contact number when a travel reservation is made for you or on your behalf. We may also collect information about your flight or travel preferences, including meal requests, seat selection, frequent flyer/hotel/car rental programmes and membership numbers, and ticketing options. This information is stored in the My Profile area of your EGENCIA account and we make sure it is also available through your Travel Manager, Arranger or Travel Director.

When someone other than yourself is accompanying you on travel purchased through EGENCIA, in order to process your booking we collect Personal Data and travel preferences about that individual. You should, of course, make sure that you have the consent of such individuals prior to providing EGENCIA directly with their full names, contact numbers, email addresses, and travel preferences, as they will be unable to directly access our systems to view or change any information you provide on their behalf.

Travel Purchase Information

EGENCIA collects the billing address of the credit, debit or charge card that is used to purchase travel. If your credit, debit or charge card is used to purchase the travel, we will also collect relevant card information, including card number, card type, cardholder name, issue number (for debit cards), card verification number/security code (if applicable) and expiration date, in order to bill you for travel purchased through EGENCIA.


EGENCIA may (from time to time) offer our members and website visitors an opportunity to participate in customer surveys on the website regarding their experience in using our website or service. For our existing members, we may also send these surveys periodically to them email. You are under no obligation to respond to any survey, and may unsubscribe from receiving further email surveys by following the ‘unsubscribe’ instructions in any such communication. Information collected by EGENCIA when you participate in either of the above survey types may include your full name and contact details. Such Personal Data collected through our surveys is used for internal business purposes only, to monitor the quality of and improve our website and customer services.

Contacting EGENCIA

EGENCIA collects personal data such as your full name, Member ID, email address, and/or contact number whenever you submit a question or suggestion, or request assistance with viewing your itinerary, logging on to the website, or accessing your account.


EGENCIA collects information about your computer and assigns a “cookie” (a small, unique identifier text file). You do not provide this information; it is collected automatically as a means of supporting visits to our website. This cookie identifies your computer.

Before you access the EGENCIA website, we may require you sign in as a member, using your member ID and password. Once you sign in as and EGENCIA member, we record the member ID and the name on the member account in the cookie file on your computer.

IMPORTANT: You remain free to disable or choose to not receive a cookie file by enabling your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) to refuse cookies or prompt you before accepting a cookie. Please note that by ‘switching off’ these cookies, you may be unable to access or receive certain services available on our website.

Who do we share your information with?

EGENCIA does not sell or rent your personal data to anyone.

Our Partners

EGENCIA has partnered with reputable third party businesses (“Partners”) to offer our members and website visitors a variety of products and services. All travel services throughout EGENCIA when provided by a Partner are described as such and the relevant third party identified. Although we only work with reputable Partners, those organisations may have privacy policies and practises that are different from this EGENCIA Policy. We request that you to check to see our Partner’s terms & conditions and their privacy policies to further understand their procedures for collecting, using, and disclosing your personal information.

Service Providers

To provide and process the services you request from us, EGENCIA shares your personal data with our authorised service providers that perform certain services or functions on our behalf. We only share information about travel either reserved or purchased via EGENCIA travel agents or our website. Our service providers need information about your traveller profile, as well as your credit/debit/charge card information, to be able to process and confirm your travel reservation. These service providers will disclose information about your traveller profile to the relevant hotel, airline, cruise, car rental companies, and other travel suppliers whose products you have purchased. Like any other travel agent, this information must be shared with our travel suppliers to confirm your reservation and travel preferences. In addition, these travel suppliers may also contact you as necessary to obtain additional information about confirmed reservation.

In the event you make a new, or update an existing travel reservation by calling our free line, your information may be accessed by a third party provider, as necessary, to respond to your request for customer service.

EGENCIA may sometimes also use a third party (acting on our behalf) to facilitate the distribution of surveys, promotion or similar programmes. Any contact details passed to them should only be used for this limited purpose and upon completion of these projects, all data and information is returned to EGENCIA.

Aggregated Information

EGENCIA will occasionally share aggregated information with our service providers. This information does not contain any Personal Data and is used to develop features programmes and content that we think may be of general interest to our members and website visitors.

How you can control the use of your information: what are your rights?

EGENCIA believes that members and website visitors should have control over the collection and use of their Personal Data. To this effect, your principal rights are:

· To find out what Personal Data EGENCIA holds on file about you;
· To amend your Personal Data;
· Know how your Personal Data is being processed, for what purpose and who is doing the processing;
· Choose whether or not to receive unsolicited services/direct marketing/information on other travel products and services;
· Refuse to provide data or information or withdraw your consent to its further use.

You have access to your Personal Data and information in the following areas of EGENCIA:

“My profile”

The “My profile” page allows you, your authorised Travel Manager, Arranger or Travel Director (acting on your behalf) to view and change your account settings.

“My trips”

The “My trips” page allows you, your authorised Travel Manager, Arranger or Travel Director (acting on your behalf) to view, update or delete any saved trip itineraries.

In accordance with your legal rights, you may also submit a written ‘access request’ (from time to time) to see what Personal Data EGENCIA holds about you on its files. In such event, EGENCIA has the right to ask for verification of your identity as appropriate and may in some cases charge a nominal administration fee (up to the legal limit) for recovering this data for you.

How you can decide what marketing communications you’ll receive

You will receive communications from EGENCIA if and when you:

· Complete the EGENCIA Programme Application;
· Sign up to become an EGENCIA Member;
· Request to close an account;
· Purchase travel;
· Cancel or exchange a reservation;
· Elect to receive promotional marketing communications;
· Contact EGENCIA with questions or suggestions;
· Are asked to either complete a survey about your experience with our service or respond to enquiries about our services or website

Signing up to become an EGENCIA member

When you visit the website or sign up as a new EGENCIA member, you may receive a “Welcome to Egencia” email. This email contains your Member ID and describes the benefits of using EGENCIA for planning and purchasing your travel needs. If you do not register to become a member of EGENCIA, but rather allow your Travel Manager, Arranger or Travel Director to book travel for you on the website, the “Welcome to EGENCIA” email will be sent to the email address specified in your account.

Purchase Travel

Each time you purchase travel through EGENCIA, or change or cancel a confirmed travel reservation, you will receive confirmation of your travel itinerary via email. You or your Travel Manager, Arranger or Travel Director may maintain an additional list of email addresses that may receive notification of your travel purchases and/or online changes or exchanges. Email confirmations of travel purchases sent to you and to these additional email addresses may contain the following information: an indication that a travel item was booked outside of company policy; company policies not adhered to; reason codes supplied for booking out of company policy; custom data fields and department codes, if relevant and if collection is required by your company. In the event that your travel plans are disrupted because of mechanical, weather, or carrier business conditions, EGENCIA may contact you to inform you of these disruptions and help you make alternative travel arrangements. Any Travel Alert will be sent to the email addresses specified within your account. If your travel was booked by your Travel Manager or Travel Arranger this information will be sent directly to your Travel Manager or Travel Arranger.

Elect to receive promotional marketing communications

By you choosing to register and participate in the EGENCIA programme, you may occasionally receive a communication from us notifying you of special EGENCIA promotions or other travel news. Special promotional email communications are intended to inform you of new or unique travel opportunities or special deals that are available from EGENCIA.

You can opt out of your subscription to EGENCIA’s promotional email services at any time or by telling your Travel Manager, Arranger or Travel Director that you no longer wish to receive such communications from EGENCIA (although EGENCIA cannot be held responsible where your Travel Manager, Arranger or Travel Director fails to properly communicate your preferences to us). You can also unsubscribe from these communications at any time by following the instructions in the communication.

Assistance with your account

When you request assistance with viewing your itinerary, logging on to the website, or accessing your account, we will respond to you via email or telephone.

Promotions by post

In addition, when you sign up to the EGENCIA Programme you may occasionally receive postal mail notifying you of special promotions or other travel news. You can choose not to receive any further promotional mail by post at any time by following the instructions on the postal mail materials that you receive.


As noted above, we may occasionally email surveys to EGENCIA members. You are under no obligation to respond to these surveys, and you may unsubscribe from receiving them by following the ‘unsubscribe’ instructions in any such communication.

How we protect your information

We want our members, travellers and website visitors to feel confident about using EGENCIA to plan and purchase their travel. EGENCIA has implemented a security programme and appropriate technical/organisational measures to keep information that is stored in our systems protected from unauthorised access or disclosure and accidental loss or destruction.

Currently, EGENCIA only stores the information you provide when registering to become an EGENCIA member, create a travel profile, purchase travel or use selected travel tools.

Our systems are configured with data encryption, or scrambling technologies and industry standard firewalls. When you send personal data to EGENCIA over the internet, your data is protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL technology).

Changes to the EGENCIA Data Protection Policy

This Policy was produced and posted on the website on 27 October 20011. EGENCIA reserves the right to modify or amend this data protection Policy at any time and for any reason (including changes in the law or to EGENCIA’s business).

If there are material changes to this Policy or in how EGENCIA will use your personal data, EGENCIA will endeavour to post such changes prior to implementing the change. You should therefore check this Policy from time to time to see the latest version.

Contacting EGENCIA

We want to make sure you have control over your online travel experience as an EGENCIA customer, from planning and purchasing your travel to protecting your personal information.

EGENCIA customer service travel agents are ready to help with your EGENCIA travel concerns 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you need help, use our support and feedback form, located within the Customer Support section within the site. All email receives a response within 24 hours.

You may also call at any time the customer service number given to you (or your Travel Manager, Arranger or Travel Director upon company sign up to the EGENCIA Programme) to speak to a representative personally.

Agents will address any questions or concerns you may have about your EGENCIA travel planning or purchases. We will use all reasonable efforts to respond to your request for assistance or other questions about EGENCIA within 4 hours.

In addition, you may directly contact the travel supplier at the phone number or address provided on your travel itinerary.