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Not travelling yet?


Not travelling yet?

Here’s what you can be doing now to strengthen your skills, stay connected and serve your travellers during the pause.

Get to know Egencia and how we’re here for you

Get to know Egencia and how we’re here for you

  • Plug in with your peers and industry experts in the Egencia Connect Community. Watch this video for more: Egencia Connect Video 
  • Learn how Egencia is leading as a global citizen and what that means for your company. Watch this video for more.
  • Find out how Egencia is walking the talk in terms of sustainability and how we can help your company do the same. Learn more here.

Learn the fundamentals of managing business travel

Even if managing travel isn’t the main focus of your job, as someone in charge of booking travel you have a lot more power to move the needle than you might realise. Egencia offers resources to help you think about travel more strategically and to stay on top of fluctuating travel restrictions and guidelines.  

  • Travel Management Training. Egencia Consulting Group has developed a four-course series for travel managers to help them gain the skills and knowledge needed to successfully manage the new dynamics of business travel in a increasingly complex global environment.
  • Egencia Travel Advisor — Egencia Travel Advisor gives you and your travellers access to current alerts and advisories directly in the booking tool so that you can make confident choices about your travel plans.

Take your expertise to the next level

  • Egencia Connect Community. Discover the latest in business travel news and register for online events, engage with your peers around topics that interest you, get answers in the searchable knowledge-base, join Egencia executive Q&As for insights on travel trends and earn points and rewards every time you engage.
  • Business travel trend tracker. Egencia created the business travel trend tracker to give you current insights (based on actual aggregated data) into which industries are travelling, which industries are preparing to travel, where companies are travelling and how far in advance travellers are booking. These reports will help you make more informed decisions when shaping your return-to-travel strategy.
  • Blog: COVID-19: Traveller safety and business stability. Learn about the many ways Egencia is ready to support you in supporting your travellers.
  • Blog: Do’s and don’ts during COVID-19. As fluctuating restrictions cause travel to start and stop and start again, here’s what to do (and what not to do) at each stage along the way.
  • Webinar: What happens when your team can't travel? Here’s how to strengthen your travel programme — even when your team isn’t traveling.
  • Webinar: Stretch your travel budget when travel resumes. Learn techniques, tools, and best practices for maximising value, even during uncertain times.

Know more about what Egencia can do for you

Need to re-educate your leadership team and internal stakeholders about everything Egencia can do for your organisation? Learn more about the tools Egencia has to help. 

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